Selective GPS Jammer

The Global Positioning System (GPS) Jammer Test Instrumentation (GPS JTI) facilitates exploration of open-air GPS jamming test methods via the ability to selectively jam targeted GPS dependent systems while not affecting untargeted GPS receivers. The GPS JTI jammer will support exercises and scenarios that involve numerous electronic warfare experiment approaches against GPS dependent systems. Due to the achieved performance, the GPS JTI will be used for evaluating the requirements of future GPS jamming test instrumentation to be developed and will also be used for demonstrating the techniques and technologies available for such exercises. Scientific Research Corporation provides engineering, test and management support for the development, integration, and test of the GPS JTI.

The GPS JTI accommodates the necessary instantaneous dynamic range of 100 dB while maintaining flexibility through digital attenuator and synthesizer controls and replaceable electronically programmable read only memory units. A control signal transmitter extends the programmable and reconfigurable approaches to the transmitting test asset.

Scientific Research Corporation developed flexibility into the hardware architecture through programmable and modular techniques. To ensure that the analog hardware preserved the dynamic range requirements of the simulation community, modeling and simulation of the automatic gain control circuitry was performed and was verified at system acceptance test. Also, the noise characteristics of the radio frequency front end was modeled in conjunction with AGC noise power spectral density inputs for resolving ultimate dynamic range predictions and forming specifications for the noise performance of the RF front end.


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