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“My team is the main basis of my tenure here at SRC. The success of uniting such different backgrounds and personalities is evident in our continued achievements and growth. I have learned so much from my managers and co-workers in the past 10 years.”

-Latoyya, Program Admin III, Charleston

“I was brought on as a Software Engineer to support software and hardware integration on various projects. During my time with the company, SRC has been nothing but professional and have been great at getting new employees right into the contract process. SRC has helped me start achieving my personal goals by offering to put some money towards my graduate school tuition and professional certifications through their company-wide policy. In my experience SRC is fast-paced, friendly, and is always looking to bring on old and young professionals.”

-Samuel, Software Engineer I, Huntsville

“I'm proud to say that I'm part of our engineering team here at SRC, and our purpose couldn't be greater. Surrounded by a creative, unique, and driven group of problem solvers, I am never short for a mentor here. There's active encouragement to chase down the subjects that excite us, with as much mobility between disciplines as we need. The balance between collaboration and independence really sets us apart from other workplaces; we can do what engineers do best during fast-paced work crunches, but have ample time (and genuinely fun mentorship) to explore our ambitions during normal work stretches. In that way, working at SRC nurtures our love for the unique technology, for the industry, and the spirit that made us engineers in the first place.”

-P.L, Electrical Engineer II

“My primary focus since joining SRC has been working on business development, and capturing opportunities in new markets. I’ve been with the company for about 18 months, and have appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, superb teamwork and sense of mission among my co-workers, and the flexible work environment. Prior to coming to SRC, I spent 29 years in the Navy. My new job with SRC provides me with a similar sense of satisfaction, and has been a great place to permit me to continue supporting our Warfighters for years to come.”

-Rob, ISS Division Director, Charleston

“Working with SRC has been a wonderful experience. Despite being a new hire, I was given a lot of challenging new opportunities, which helped me not only on the technical front but also on the soft skills side. I have been entrusted with opportunities and responsibilities early on, helping me accelerate my growth. The work culture of SRC is cultivating. The communication channels are open and frank. Everyone has the capacity to get to know each other better, there’s stronger camaraderie, plus struggles and accomplishments are shouldered and acknowledged equally. SRC is the perfect balance of working in a high-paced environment and learning something new every day as well as having the ability develop and hone your skills better, in addition to focusing on your immediate responsibilities.”

-Destini, Technical Writer III, Huntsville


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