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“When I transitioned from active duty I was somewhat skeptical of working in the defense contracting industry. The concerns I had ranged from “money as a defense industry prime motivator,” “the speed at which the defense industry works in support of the warfighter,” and “lack of focus on the warfighter.” From my first introduction to SRC and after almost three years on staff these concerns are furthest from the truth. SRC is truly a company focused on “warfighter first.” Across all levels of the company it is very apparent that the superior technologies and capabilities we provide Sailors, Airmen, Soldiers, and Marines are what matter most.”

-Ron, Director, Charleston

“My team is the main basis of my tenure here at SRC. The success of uniting such different backgrounds and personalities is evident in our continued achievements and growth. I have learned so much from my managers and co-workers in the past 10 years.”

-Latoyya, Program Admin III, Charleston

“I was brought on as a Software Engineer to support software and hardware integration on various projects. During my time with the company, SRC has been nothing but professional and have been great at getting new employees right into the contract process. SRC has helped me start achieving my personal goals by offering to put some money towards my graduate school tuition and professional certifications through their company-wide policy. In my experience SRC is fast-paced, friendly, and is always looking to bring on old and young professionals.”

-Samuel, Software Engineer I, Huntsville

“It’s been over three years working at SRC and this experience has exceeded my expectations, with my background as a technician I’ve gained insight on the internal operations of other contractors in the industry and the business structure here is extraordinary. It’s disheartening to excitedly enter into a new position and meet your counterparts only to discover that some are ready to leave and for once this was not my introduction. I’ve found an organization where I can build a career.”

-Tavon, Electronics Tech II, Charleston

“I am a cybersecurity analyst and software developer at SRC for almost three years now. My job entails leading a cyber threat analysis team that provides cyber threat intelligence to our DoD customer. Additionally, I support software development capabilities within the Advanced Cyber Operations team. SRC has provided countless opportunities to advance my career and ensure that I enjoy the work I do daily. One of the most exciting opportunities I had while at SRC was traveling to Berlin, Germany, to participate in a hardware hacking training course! SRC comprises a highly talented and professional team that provides a positive and encouraging environment for my career growth in cyber.”

-Lindsay, Cyber Security Analyst III, Huntsville


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