Scientific Research Corporation's Miniature Networked Spectrum Monitoring and Engineering Control System (Mini-SMECS) is a versatile RF spectrum monitoring and recording system. Available configurations range from large, fixed, multi-point installations suitable for combat training centers to stand-alone collection points. Mini-SMECS supports a network of ruggedized broadband monitoring points that provide continuous monitoring and recording of RF spectrum usage over a wide geographical area. The GPS-equipped monitoring stations can be fixed or mobile and operate in extreme environmental conditions using self-contained battery, external DC or solar power. Mini-SMECS includes a full complement of standards-based, user-friendly software for collecting, archiving, analyzing and displaying RF spectrum data.


Monitors a user-configurable range of RF spectrum between 30 - 3000 MHz
Supports multiple, networked, fixed or mobile monitoring points via encrypted wired or wireless link
Includes nested, rugged (NEMA 3 and 4) enclosures for extreme temperature (-20 - +70°C) , humidity and blowing sand/dust
Operates on 12 W with an option for battery-backed, solar power
Provides a full range of user software tools for data collection, manipulation, archiving and display
Provides user-configurable RF alarms (frequency and power)
Displays live and recorded spectrum data
Identifies occupied and unoccupied RF spectrum
Exports spectrum data in CSV format for access by other applications