Ruggedized Rackmount 22" Monitor


  • Common power input.
  • Ruggedized enclosure.
  • Various screen protection options (Clear or Anti-glare) and external plexi-glass if desired for high traffic environments.
  • 22” viewable display with outside dimensions of 20.35” W X 14.26” H X 2.13” D.
  • Ruggedized enclosure allows the display to be mounted with various bracket designs.
    • Custom applications can be easily engineered when needed.
  • Dual display option “doubles” the amount of available space to display mission essential program material.
  • Displays can be mounted on the front of the rack without affecting available space for equipment within the rack Optional mounting of upper display in downward angled position, facing toward the operator; provides the ability to use dual displays within one rack of equipment.
  • Displays are mounted on a hinge for ease of access to the equipment mounted within the rack.
  • Hinges are secured with quick release pins allowing to swing right or left and removing both sides allows quick removal from equipment rack.


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