The Virtual Air Defense System Simulator (VSIM) is a real-time, Operator-In-The-Loop, DIS/HLA Threat Air Defense System Simulation that provides an economical means of testing and training in a distributed environment. The virtual radar, launcher, and missile simulations are built on a PC platform using the Linux operating system.


  • Provides three separate simulations that can operate independently or in conjunction with each other as a battery level Threat Air Defense Simulation.
  • Developed with modular components for reuse in development of additional Threat Air Defense Simulations.
  • Promotes Interoperability through interactions with DIS applications or HLA federates.
  • Generates and receives GC3 messages to perform target acquisition, track, fire, and cooperative engagement handover via the HLA interface.
  • Demonstrated TENA/HLA interoperability by converting the VSIM Acquisition Radar HLA federate into a TENA compliant model.


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