The Virtual Air Defense System Simulator (VSIM) is a real-time, Operator-In-The-Loop, DIS/HLA Threat Air Defense System Simulation that provides an economical means of testing and training in a distributed environment. The virtual radar, launcher, and missile simulations are built on a PC platform using the Linux operating system.


Provides three separate simulations that can operate independently or in conjunction with each other as a battery level Threat Air Defense Simulation.
Developed with modular components for reuse in development of additional Threat Air Defense Simulations.
Promotes Interoperability through interactions with DIS applications or HLA federates.
Generates and receives GC3 messages to perform target acquisition, track, fire, and cooperative engagement handover via the HLA interface.
Demonstrated TENA/HLA interoperability by converting the VSIM Acquisition Radar HLA federate into a TENA compliant model.