Scientific Research Corporation (SRC) welcomes the opportunity to offer our support at Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) in meeting the challenges of this significant contract. SRC is confident that NAVSEA will agree that our team's eminent knowledge, experience, and superior technical qualification meet or exceed expectations. SRC is committed to ensuring that each team partner is provided a reasonable expectation of workflow coincident with their Functional Capabilities. SRC will ensure that all resulting subcontract efforts will be comprised of meaningful work within each task order. Our team's introduction and considerable aggregate depth and breadth is addressed below.

Scientific Research Corporation - An advanced electronic engineering company founded in 1988 to provide innovative solutions to the US Government, international markets, and management, infrastructure and experience desired of a NAVSEA Prime contractor.

Functional Areas: 1-8; 10-12; 14; 16-22

AFVET Solutions, LLC - AFVET Solutions has over eight years of operational experience interacting with C2 systems that support key elements for CENTCOM, SOCOM, and TRANSCOM. These systems provide the ability to request, schedule and track airlift operations. Our subject matter expertise provided feedback that supported the development of GDSS2 which allows COCOMS the ability to track their assets in real time. This background also encompasses Combined Air Operations Centers' C2 systems which support in theatre operations to more efficiently mange air assets assigned to the Area of Responsibility including, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar. We also have knowledge of the architectural design of ARCNET,a dedicated scheduling tool which allows AMC aircrews better oversight and predicatability of their schedule and mission requirements. In addition we are familiar with the integration of Link 16, a tactical data exchange network which allows for exchange of battlefield information between ISR platforms and other major weapon systems.

Functional Areas: 2; 5; 10; 16; 20; 21

Atlantic Ordnance International - Atlantic Ordnance International (AOI) and its affiliates Norfolk Shiprepair and Dry Dock (NSDD) Inc. and Atlantic Ordnance & Gyro (AOG) Inc. were established to provide ship repair, installation and testing of communications systems, combat systems and HM&E systems. AOI represents the three organizations holding a NAVSEA Master Ship Repair Agreement (MSRA), and a NAVSEA Agreement for Boat Repair (ABR) for the U.S. Navy, a Master Lump Sum Ship Repair Agreement contractor for MARAD and a Master Agreement for Ship Repair for the U.S. Army. AOI is also registered as a Federal Hub Zone contractor. AOI provides the full services of certified shipyard trades such as welders, ship fitters, riggers, machinists, marine electricians, and electronic technicians. The AOI shipyard in Norfolk has all the usual facilities of a medium sized shipyard including piers, marine railways, machine shop, pipe shop, electrical shop, plate shop, carpenter shop, sheet metal shop, paint shop, outside machine shop, electronic shop and rigging shop.

Functional Areas: 4, 7, 14, 19

Cadillac Cables - Cadillac Cables, LLC provides custom manufactured electronic wire harnessess as well as box and panel assemblies. We utilize a UV laser wire marker machine (spectrum) and associated research tester to employ state of the art technology in process control.

Functional Areas: 4

Capstone Corporation Capstone Corporation is a leading global services and solutions provider, supporting customers in over thirty three states and eight overseas locations. Capstone satisfies Department of Defense customer operational and technical needs by delivering services and solutions for military/civil operations, enterprise technical requirements and organization and mission support systems. Our Military/Civil Operations Business Unit is a market leader in executing planning, operational and training and exercise support in the homeland security and military mission areas. Our Enterprise Systems Solutions Business Unit offers a full spectrum of information technology solutions and support services to meet customer information management requirements, and provides professional integration of mission enabling solutions and services to our customers. Our Technical and Administrative Services Business Unit provides solutions and services for customer business operations.

Functional Areas: 1-6; 10; 12; 14; 16-22

CATALYST Solutions, LLC - Catalyst Solutions, LLC provides consulting and professional services for Emergency and Expeditionary C4 Systems. The company’s core competencies include systems engineering, data management, and project management for Marine Corps acquisition programs. The Catalyst portfolio of experience includes the identification, planning, and implementation of technology insertion and modernization initiatives. These initiatives maximize both the capability and service life of new and existing C4 systems. The Catalyst Team leverages corporate experience on virtually every current tactical radio system. Catalyst Solutions also produces the Expeditionary C4 Users’ Conference which is an annual professional event showcasing the “voice of the user community” in concert with an expo of industry capabilities and program-led working groups. Catalyst also assists in the insertion and application of new business and information management technologies which are designed to enhance organizational performance and increase productivity. Catalyst Solutions, delivers results to client projects through a team of multi-disciplinary professionals – achieving major objectives through effective teaming, talent, and technology.

Functional Areas: 1; 2; 5; 6; 12; 19-21

CSSI, Inc. - CSSI is a multi-disciplinary engineering, information technology and applied research company developing solutions to some of the toughest and most significant challenges facing today's leaders in government and industry. Founded in 1990 as a provider of technical services in air traffic management, CSSI has evolved into a dynamic technical services company with leading-edge skills in engineering, information technology, safety and applied research, serving the aerospace, defense, and transportation sectors.

Functional Areas: 1-6; 8; 10-12; 16; 18-2

Dependable Global Solutions - DGS specializes in IT security, mission assurance, and intelligence operations and analysis. DGS builds, manages, and enhances their clients' ability to identify and deal with threats and attacks in near real-time. DGS excels in delivering tailored, full-spectrum solutions meeting all security needs.

Functional Areas: 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 18, 20, 21

Digital Receiver Technology - Digital Receiver Technology has a long history of joint programs with Scientific Research Corp. Over the last ten years, DRT and SRC have teamed on a myriad of programs destined for the US military. Between direct purchases and SPAWAR purchases over a thousand DRT systems have been procured by the Charleston team on such programs as USN CCOP, TPCS, JTWS , etc. . DRT designs and manufactures advanced electronic equipment to support the missions of the US Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and law enforcement communities. The current product line includes a variety of portable and rack-mounted wireless communications receivers capable of processing a variety of modern wireless protocols.

Functional Areas: 18

General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc. - General Dynamics Information Technology’s experience encompasses systems engineering and systems development, mission and threat analysis, and acquisition management for surface combatants and submarine programs. General Dynamics Information Technology applies its core systems engineering disciplines in support of most major surface ship and submarine weapon systems acquisition projects, including Ballistic Missile Defense, Ship Self Defense, Theater Air Defense and the Virginia class submarine program.

Functional Areas: 1-8; 10-12; 14; 16-22

ISHPI Information Technologies, Inc. - ISHPI offers clients a broad range of fully integrated Information and Cyber Dominance (ID) Services in Information Operations (IO), Information Warfare (IW), Information Assurance (IA), Electronic Warfare (EW), Cybersecurity (CS), and Cyberwarfare (CW) and C5ISR Engineering and Technical Services (C5ISR E&TS) in System Engineering and Integration (SE&I), Intelligence Support Services (ISS), Enterprise Architecture (EA), Acquisition Management (AM), Logistics Support Services (LSS), Training Services (TNG), and Information Technology Services (IT). ISHPI Teams work closely with clients to create powerful business and technology solutions for organizations in the Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Federal Agencies. With the added strength of our business partners, ISHPI has the ability to offer a holistic and integrated approach to business and technology issues that combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with a wide range of business and industry knowledge to help organizations innovate, succeed and reach new heights.

Functional Areas: 2, 5, 12, 20

Knowledge Information Solutions, Inc. (KIS) - KIS has provided quality IT products and services since 1983. The company's consultants, engineers, technicians and procurement specialists provide business process and information technology (IT) services and computing product procurement and installation. KIS has the ability to reach any scale in delivering information technology products and services to our customers. KIS has also structured a talented consortium of strategic leading edge small business, small disadvantaged business, veteran owned businesses and women owned business partnerships. This consortium provides a large company capability to offer our customers a complete solution to any IT architecture or infrastructure related situation. KIS and its small business partner network have the capability to present complete solutions to customer requirements.

Functional Areas: 5; 6; 12; 20; 21

Lockheed Martin Services, Inc. - Lockheed Martin has a proud legacy of providing innovative naval systems for the United States and its allies. The Aegis combat system, the MK 41 Vertical Launching System and the SPY-1 radar helped revolutionize how world navies conduct operations across the seven seas. These systems remain vital to naval success to this day. Lockheed Martin continues to build on this tradition of innovation. Our C4ISR systems give the U.S. Coast Guard the latest technology for search and rescue, drug interdiction, humanitarian and other missions. Upgraded sonar systems increase the accuracy of the MK 48 heavyweight torpedo. A Lockheed Martin led team built the USS Freedom – the first of our nation’s newest class of surface combatant, the Littoral Combat Ship. And the list goes on. With our extensive experience and expertise, Lockheed Martin looks to build on our tradition of excellence in developing, implementing and manufacturing creative naval solutions to the emerging threats facing our nation.

Functional Areas: 9, 13, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22

Modus21 - Modus21 is a small business providing System and Software Engineering, Program Management, Software Development, Service Oriented Computing, Change Management, Data Interoperability, Process Definition and Automation services to Federal and DoD customers.

Functional Areas:1; 2; 5; 6; 11; 12; 20

Purvis Systems - PURVIS has built a reputation among its clients and partners for delivering efficient and effective custom technology and communications systems and services. Our clients tap into a broad set of core capabilities, developed over 35+ years, in order to satisfy their diverse technical, operational or equipment and network design and maintenance needs. Supported by our proven client service, work processes and experienced and talented teams, PURVIS helps client organizations undertake a range of custom projects – from developing solutions to modernizing existing technology and communications – to deliver valuable results.

Functional Areas: 1-6, 8-12, 14, 16-17, 19-21

Research and Developoment Solutions, Inc. - RDSI is a nationwide engineering and support firm providing expertise in Electronic Warfare simulation and training systems, shipboard equipment installation, and equipment maintenance services since 1989. RDSI is a privately held, woman-owned, small disadvantaged business. Since inception, RDSI has specialized in providing Government and Industry clients professional and technical services in the fields of computer engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, system integration, simulation and stimulation, research and development, system installation and field service support, facilities operation and maintenance, and Electronic Warfare (EW) simulation and training. RDSI provides program management support, system analysis and design, software design and development, facilities operation and maintenance, and system installation services for many Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Government programs worldwide.

Functional Areas: 2; 4-6; 10; 11; 16; 18; 20

RNB Technologies, Inc. - RNB Technologies, LLC provides expert services in systems engineering and analysis, test and evaluation, intelligence, and information technology to customers across the United States and the DOD community.

Functional Areas: 2; 3; 5; 6; 14; 18-2

Saturn Systems - Saturn Systems software engineers provide agile software design, to including: developing user interface enhancements of existing ASP.NET based online publishing applications; developing text wrap algorithms, written in AS3, to automatically place text around shapes and images; designing and implementing Adobe Flex based text on path placement algorithm for an online publishing design application; and providing backend support for the SVG file format for an existing ASP.NET application with an Adobe Flex AS3 front end.

Security Risk Solutions, Inc. - Security Risk Solutions, Inc. is a woman owned small business providing risk management, certification and accreditation, information assurance, and quality assurance support to multiple Federal and DoD Customers.

Functional Areas: 2; 3; 5; 7; 10-12; 14; 18; 20; 21

SOLUTE Consulting - SOLUTE Consulting specializes in Program Management, Systems Engineering, Business Process Engineering, and Software Engineering. SOLUTE is headquartered in San Diego, CA with major regional offices in the Washington, D.C., and Patuxent River, MD. SOLUTE has a Top Secret facility clearance, and more than 90% of SOLUTE’s employees hold security clearances. SOLUTE engineers and analysts are former military and commercial aviators with experience flying nearly every operational rotary and fixed wing platform. This provides the company a unique perspective in defining the needs of the aviator from the standpoint of system design, operation, and support. SOLUTE brings subject matter expertise in navigation, air traffic management, avionics, aviation safety, undersea warfare, and information assurance to the DoD. The company is also heavily involved in developing Knowledge Management/Information Management solutions for U.S. and coalition forces in Net-Centric Warfare.

Functional Areas: 1-3, 5-6, 9-12, 14, 18-22/p>

South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) - SCRA is a non–stock, tax-exempt applied research and commercialization services company with 27 years of experience building multi-organizational teams and delivering innovative technologies. Currently SCRA manages over 100 national and international programs worth over $1.3B in applied R&D contract value. SCRA’s results-based management approach assures delivery of technology solutions to complex client challenges. SCRA-led applied research is conducted on behalf of mission-oriented Federal clients, such as the Departments of Defense, Energy, Justice, and Health and Human Services, and for Corporate clients. SCRA's Federal programs are conducted by SCRA affiliate, ATI. SCRA: leads applied research across a diverse range of industries; creates custom collaborations with leaders from industry, government, and academia. Facilitates technology solutions with broad-industry involvement and impact; and provides commercialization services for rapid, industry-wide technology implementation; executes objective leadership in an environment of trust where competitors collaborate for mutual benefit.

Functional Areas: 1, 4, 22

SPARC, LLC - SPARC, LLC is a veteran owned, service disabled veteran owned small business providing Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support.

Functional Areas: 1-3; 6; 8; 10; 12; 20; 21

Systems Engineering Associates - SEA CORP offers systems engineering, advanced software services and products, test and evaluation services and innovative technology research and development to a broad range of clients within the defense and manufacturing industries. SEA CORP supports a diversified spectrum of customers. Our depth of knowledge and resources provide for a wide range of services from engineering technology and software development to innovative prototype and product development.

Functional Areas: 2, 5, 6, 14

Systems Integration and Management - A small minority, woman-owned, veteran, 8(a) business with offices in Arlington, VA, Chesapeake, VA, Charleston, SC, Tampa, FL, San Diego, CA, and Camp Lejune, NC.

Functional Areas: 1-7

VT Milcom, Inc. - VT Milcom (VTM) has more than 40 years of C4ISR Alternation Installation Team (AIT) experience delivering technical and engineering services solutions for US Navy Fleet and Shore-based communications, navigation, and electronic warfare systems. VT Milcom is an experienced team providing vast experience and quality designing and installing telecom/network infrastructure planning and installation contractor with the bulk of our experience in Inside/Outside Plant (ISP/OSP) including classified and unclassified cable plant infrastructure as well as installation of the racks and equipment. We have performed an extensive amount of Network Operations Center (NOC) work. VT Milcom is adept at working on Surface Ship (Pier-side or Shipyard), Submarine, and Shore Site locations globally with our teams that maintain the credentials to work in these areas.

Functional Areas: 2; 5; 10; 13; 19-2

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